The QR menu that converts your guests into loyal customers.

Transform your restaurant's dining experience with our free QR menu, QX menu. It rewards your guests with tokens for every visit and meal, enhancing customer engagement and encouraging repeat visits and loyalty.


An exceptional user experience your customers prefer.

Experience the seamless integration of technology and dining with QX menu. It feels native-like, as if your customers are using a sophisticated mobile application. The intuitive interface makes browsing the menu and earning rewards a delightfully smooth experience that your customers will remember.

Simple and easy menu management

Streamline your menu with our easy-to-use Dashboard. Customize it to match your customers' needs, connect with essential tools, and get clear insights on what your guests love. Manage your menu effortlessly and make smart choices to keep your diners happy.

Reward Your Customers with Every Visit

QX menu is the first blockchain-based menu on Ethereum/Polygon, offering tokens as rewards. These tokens add real value to each customer visit, encouraging loyalty and repeat business. It's a simple yet powerful way to keep your guests coming back.

Boost Engagement

Elevate your restaurant with tokenized rewards, capturing customer interest and fostering enduring loyalty in the digital age.

Enhance Customer Experience

Transforms dining with an interactive, QR-based menu, making each meal a convenient and engaging experience for your guests.

Simplify Operations

We streamline your menu management, offering a straightforward, efficient system that saves time and enhances service quality.

Increase Revenue

We enhance your restaurant's appeal by delivering an extraordinary digital experience, helping to increase footfall and boost sales with less effort.

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